Karen Mortillaro, master contemporary sculptor



Enter Karen Mortillaro’s world of fantasy and illusion—where Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland characters are re-imagined
in finely detailed bronze—where intriguing anamorphic distortions resolve themselves in perfect mirrored reflections—where
light sifts through illusionary constructions that change as the viewer moves.

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole, bronze sculpture by Karen Mortillaro Alice Down the Rabbit Hole, anamorphic sculpture by Karen Mortillaro Anamorphhic bronze sculpture by Karen Mortillaro Illusionary sculpture by Karen Mortillaro

BRONZE SCULPTURE - Karen interprets characters from Lewis Carroll’s beloved tales in masterfully handcrafted bronze sculptures. Each is finished with traditional or chromatic patinas. >>

ALICE IN WONDERLAND IN ANAMORPHIC ART - Karen is drawn to Lewis Carroll and to the way reality shifts in his Alice in Wonderland. She sees his writings as literary anamorphic art and so uses his characters and their experiences as subjects for anamorphic sculpture. >>

ANAMORPHIC ART - The centuries-old tradition of anamorphic art is taken into magical 3D in Karen’s intentionally distorted sculptural scenes. Each rearranges itself into perfect proportion when reflected in its artfully positioned mirror.. >>

ILLUSIONARY ART - Karen’s unique Plexiglas, glass, and neon sculptures manipulate light—and what the viewer sees. With each change of position, the viewer can watch the combined shapes in each sculpture alter their relation to one another. >>