Karen Mortillaro, master contemporary sculptor


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The Gathering for Gardner (G4G11)

The Gathering for Gardner (G4G11), is an invitation only meeting and I’ve been invited to this years meeting. The G4G is in honor of Martin Gardner. Gardner was a popular mathematics and science writer. Over a 25 years period he wrote a monthly “recreational math” column, Mathematical Games, for Scientific America. Besides his interest in popular mathematics and science writing, Gardner’s interests encompassed magic, literature (especially the writings of Lewis Carroll and G. K. Chesterson), philosophy, scientific skepticism, and religion. He wrote over 100 books, the most popular being his best selling, The Annotated Alice, which has sold over 100 million copies world wide.

Gardner was a very shy person and declined recognition and honors, especially if there was a public appearance required for the honor. Although, in 1993 a puzzle collector Tom Rodgers put together an evening that was devoted to Gardner’s interest in puzzle solving. This singular event, with Gardner in attendance, was called “Gathering for Gardner”. The event is held in Atlanta, Georgia, in even-numbered years, and the program continues the topics and interests of Martin Gardner.

At each event attendees are asked to create a gift that Martin Gardner would have appreciated. For the G4G11 my gift is a postcard sized anamorphic portrait of Martin Gardner. Imbedded in the drawing is the Nyctograph dot dash alphabet greeting. The Nyctograph alphabet was invented by Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodson). Carroll invented the alphabet so he didn’t have to get out of bed in the cold early morning hours, light a candle, in order to jot down one of his delightful thoughts. The Nyctographic system consists of a card of square holes, and a square alphabet of dots and dashes that fit inside.

The Nyctograph letters imbedded in my anamorphic Gardner drawing spells out “Gathering for Gardner.” The gift visually combines two creative individuals who shared overlapping interests. I think Gardner would have appreciated my effort. The gift will be reproduced and given to each of the 400 attendees.

The G4G11 meets in Atlanta, Georgia, March 19 - March, 23, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Ananmorphic bronze sculpture by Karen Mortillaro

Lewis Carroll Society Meeting Presentation

Karen will be presenting her solid anamorphic sculptures at the November 1–3, Los Angeles meeting of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America—“Lewis Carroll Outsiders: The Wondrous Adventures of Artists, Graphic Novelists, and Gamers.”

Ananmorphic bronze sculpture tables by Karen Mortillaro

Karen’s Work on Display

Two of Karen’s solid anamorphic Alice bronze tables are currently on display at the University of Southern California Doheny Library and at Decker Studios, a fine arts foundry and atelier in North Hollywood, California.